Alexander Technique lesson with Mona Sulzman in Ithaca, NY

Bending with ease and efficiency

Alexander Technique lessons are enjoyable, safe, and effective. They relieve and prevent pain. They improve how you move, breathe, talk, feel, think, and look.

As an active participant, you will discover and change how all of you, not just your body, but your whole physical, emotional, and intellectual self, responds to everything you encounter, even your own thoughts.

You have to lift a heavy package off the floor. You are anxious about speaking at an important meeting. You approach a challenging passage in the music. We respond automatically to these kinds of events and even to instructions for improvement. Yet we are rarely conscious of how our response patterns affect us, and, how, when not well balanced, they can produce pain, thwart our best efforts, and interfere with our enjoyment of life.

Mona’s gentle, highly trained touch and use of simple, everyday language will show you how to avoid inefficient response patterns. You will learn to stop and think (in a specific and skillful Alexander way) before you react, before habitual and inappropriate actions, reactions, and movements overtake you. As you replace your old patterns with better-coordinated ones, you will experience freer movement and breathing, clearer, calmer thinking, and more balanced emotions.

Along with Nobel Laureates in science, many actors, including Kevin Kline and Meryl Streep, and scores of professional musicians and dancers, people from all walks of life study Alexander Technique:

  • Anyone with physical discomfort due to stress, posture, movement, old or recent injuries, or poor self-image
  • Performing artists and teachers of performing artists
  • Athletes, martial artists, Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi teachers
  • People who work therapeutically or educationally with others
  • Visual artists, craftspeople, construction workers
  • Anyone who wants more ease, flexibility, tone, fluidity, strength, expressiveness and poise.


Mona will guide you through familiar activities – sitting, bending, standing, and walking. She will also show you how to apply Alexander Technique to any activities you choose – golf, playing an instrument, sitting at a computer, singing, or holding an infant. For part of the lesson you will lie on a padded table to release tight muscles and learn a practical way to relieve pain, rest effectively, and revitalize yourself. You will leave relaxed, refreshed, and more self-aware. Mona will provide suggestions to take home with you, so you can enhance your progress on your own.

Lessons with Mona are 40-55 minutes. How many lessons you need depends on your reasons for studying, your condition, and your goals. Mona can come to your home or workplace for lessons when necessary. She also offers group lessons for organizations, businesses, institutes, and groups of any size.

Alexander Technique offers you the life-changing skill of constructive awareness. It is yours to learn, explore, develop, and refine throughout your life. That is why we call Alexander Technique “an educational process.” It is not a treatment, adjustment, manipulation, massage, or set of exercises, even though its many benefits are therapeutic.